Ricco Verhoeven scares people at Madame Tussauds

That people would rather walk around the block when they see the character of Ricco Verhoeven in a dark alley: we can well imagine that. But a kickboxer can be ruthlessly intimidating in a museum. That became evident on Saturday, when it spooked visitors to Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam.

Profile photo of Joris van Duyn

Verhoeven allowed himself to be fooled by an April Fool’s joke RTL Boulevard Face painting on a (living) wax statue.

He tried to remain as still as possible in the wax museum in order to startle the occasional visitor. Verhoeven did this by “suddenly” coming to life and occasionally getting close to people. The best athlete was shaped like Matthew Donner’s character in Black Lotus.

“I like a little crazy.”

The photos show how Verhoeven sparks serious fears in some museum visitors. Others understand the actor and see it as relating to the real Verhoeven.

“Of course it’s April 1 and I love a little bit of crazy,” says 33-year-old Rico from Halsteren of the event. After that, the kickboxer looks on at a successful joke with a smile. “I really laughed, I could stand there for three hours. I was just enjoying myself, it was really fun.”

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