Daniel Ricciardo / McLaren / Austin / Amerika / 2021

Ricciardo is more excited about the NASCAR demo than he deserves

Photo: McLaren Media Center

Daniel Ricciardo can look back on a successful day in Austin. On Saturday morning, McLaren driver NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. got behind the wheel, the demo number on the NASCAR car was clear with the start number 3, but not without his qualification. Ricciardo will start the race from B6 on Sunday, overtaking captain Lando Norris.

“I sweated a lot at NASCAR, it was so hot,” Ricciardo’s answer to Jack Bluiz’s question was whether it was a qualifying or morning session at NASCAR. “The car was hard to drive and my hands didn’t move so fast,” Ricciardo continued enthusiastically about his NASCAR experience. The gear changes and corrections in particular were impressive, McLaren Driver said. “I tried to make some donuts, but couldn’t get too crazy because the car was so hot. It made the fans happy.

Zach Brown

McLaren boss Jack Brown owned Ernhardt’s famous 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Before the season, Brown promised that if Ricciardo put the car on the platform he could drive it. With Ricciardo winning the Monza, it was time in Austin and the Australian was allowed to climb into his childhood hero’s car. According to Ricciardo, there is no better place on the American road than driving a NASCAR car. Brown clearly shines as a racing enthusiast and active. “This is a sign of a good collector,” Ricciardo said. “He clearly enjoys not only how the car looks for him, but also sees it in action. I think he was just as excited as I was!”

Sixth starting point

One almost forgets that there is a merit to the Grand Prix of America, in which Ricciardo was able to set the seventh fastest time. With the grid penalty of Valteri Potas, the McLaren driver could start from sixth on Sunday, he was very happy. “Sixth is fine. Ferrari had a little more to qualify for. They have taken a good step away from training on Friday.

Daniel Ricciardo / McLaren / Austin / USA / 2021
Photo: McLaren Media Center

Although this is a tenth of what the Australian claims, he would have been ahead of Ferraris. However, he sees a bright spot in the tire strategy for racing because Carlos Sains will start on the soft tire on Sunday, which probably won’t last long. “I hope it hurts him in the race, and I’ll keep smiling,” Ricciardo joked.

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