Belangenvereniging gepensioneerden KPS officieel geproclameerd

Retired interest group KPS officially announced – Waterkant

Retired members of the Suriname Police Force (KPS), who have been integrated into the League of Very Important People (VIPs), had a fun get-together on Saturday 7 May 2022 at the Kraka Leisure Resort. On this occasion, it was officially announced that the VIP-KPS is under formation.

Due to the convenient Covid measures, it was possible after a long time to organize a recreational day for retirees in the KPS. It was decided to name this group VIP because the name “Pensioners” no longer applied to them. The opportunity was seized to launch the VIP-KPS organization. One of the goals of this is to increase social and entertainment awareness among VIPs. In addition, VIP-KPS focuses on the legal status of a retired police member, since the former officer is no longer a member of the police union. “VIPs really need to get VIP treatment,” said former supervisor Leroy Cadogan, head of VIP-KPS.

Cadogan has been involved by the Commissioner of Police in the initiative to give retired members of KPS VIP ID with legal backing. Then the pensioners become members of the VIP-KPS. Members get a VIP card that gives them preference in various administrative services, starting with police stations. “It is not appropriate for someone who has served 40 years in the force to queue to renew a driver’s license,” Cadogan said. As a former commissioner of the police, Carlo Hounsel was the first to receive a VIP card.

Inspector Milton Kinsmil, who served as the lead recreation day coordinator, talks about a successful activity. He emphasized that VIPs should make sure in part that it turns into a recurring event. Therefore, they will have to maintain contact with each other. Moreover, policy makers and other services should regulate such activities for retirees. To challenge the members to take advantage of today’s technology, the organization has already created a Whatsapp group.

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