Restore oil supplies from US pipelines

Restore oil supplies from US pipelines

It brought back oil supplies via the US ANP pipeline

Oil shipments through a major pipeline in the United States have returned to normal levels. The colonial pipeline cautiously restarted the oil pipeline on Wednesday afternoon US time. The line, which accounts for nearly half of shipments of oil, diesel and kerosene to the east coast of the United States, was closed for about a week after hackers attacked Colonial Corporation with its hostage-taking program.

According to US President Joe Biden, it will take a few more days before oil products become widely available again. In recent days, more and more gas stations have run out of fuel in states like Virginia and North Carolina. Stories of fuel shortages also made Americans hoard fuel.

Biden went on to emphasize that the United States believed the infiltrators who attacked a colonial were from Russia. According to the American leader, this does not mean that the Russian government is behind this. He wants to discuss the problem of hackers with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Biden also wants more attention to cybercrime and critical infrastructure security. So he called on the US Senate to quickly approve a number of cybersecurity appointments.

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