Doorstart project Buurtmanagement moet politie dichterbij gemeenschap brengen

Restarting the project Neighborhood management should bring the police closer to the community

Third Class Police Inspector Henry Kia.

With the transfer of the service vehicle (photo) to the National Neighborhood Management Coordinator, Inspector Class III Henry Kia, the official restart of the Neighborhood Management project was initiated.

Through this project, the police force wants to bring the police closer to the community. This is a police method. In this context, direction will be given for structural cooperation with people, institutes and NGOs from relevant neighborhoods and, when necessary, with partners outside those areas. All this will be done by organizing activities to promote safety through quality of life.

Police want to identify role models to promote legal behaviour, especially among young people. Mr. Henry Kia expects full cooperation from the community, as everyone benefits from a healthy living environment.”

At Pontbuiten Resort there are still visible projects that the National Coordinator will implement with local residents, institutions, school leaders, representatives, administrators and government.

“The joint approach to this project will be a huge success”, According to KPS

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