Bewoners repareren kolkenzuiger op eigen kosten om in te zetten in woongebied

Residents repair the sewage cleaner at their own expense for use in the residential area

Last Saturday, the Suriname Ministry of Public Works (OW), in collaboration with Stichting Beter Wonen Morgenstond, reused this sewage dredger.

It is a suction dredger that has been written off by the Ministry of Public Works of Suriname and will soon be put up for auction. Residents of Morgensund took the initiative to repair the vacuum cleaner at their own expense and deployed it within their residential area.

Roads in Morgenstadt are often flooded during the rainy season, making access difficult. This is a problem the locals have been dealing with for years. In this context, Stichting Beter Wonen Morgenstond decided to join forces with other local residents and bring a solution to their residential area.

The suction dredger, which members renamed “Rosina”, is being loaned by the Department of Education to the foundation to start in the area.
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Reuse the sewage broom in the morning

Minister Nour Muhammad Saeed on the initiative of the Foundation. The minister indicated that the neighborhoods will get out of their problems faster with such initiatives. The minister had announced the readiness of draft laws regarding non-maintenance of coupons. He is counting on the support of the government and parliament to make this problem a thing of the past.

Rolf Feroy, local resident and Stichting member Beter Wonen Morgenstond, is very happy with the result achieved. He says that what people can achieve as a neighborhood should not be underestimated when they work together. “If you want to solve problems in the neighborhood, you have to put your hand in your pocket in the first place,” he says.

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