Researchers think they know why our hair turns grey

Researchers think they know why our hair turns grey

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Scientists believe they have discovered the mechanism behind graying of hair. They say the knowledge can form the basis for a treatment that reverses the process.

Not everyone gets gray because of gray hair. Culture and zeitgeist also play a role in this. However, there are still enough people around the world who start working with painting as quickly as possible when their hair color is slowly giving way to shades of gray.

A new study in mice investigated what actually happens on a cellular level when hair turns grey. The results indicate that stem cells, which can travel between different parts of hair follicles in young years, become trapped as hair ages. This ensures that they are not receiving the correct signals to ripen and that the proteins needed to make pigment are no longer being produced.

Although the type of stem cell studied here also occurs in humans, melanocytes: cells that make and store pigment in hair and skin, this has not yet been studied in humans. However, the researchers hope that they will be able to use this knowledge to develop a treatment in which lingering stem cells can be released again.

But maybe it would be better if it was Gray hair does not careThe movement that received an extra boost during covid-bald lockdowns is continuing well. Because our fear of visible aging is ultimately a bigger problem than a few gray hairs. if you ask me.

Read more about research here: Scientists may have discovered why hair turns gray.

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