Research: Longer than the first people in America thought

Research: Longer than the first people in America thought

The findings are published in the journal Science Science. If the results are underlined by colleagues, it represents a startling improvement: until now, most scientists agree that they set foot on the American continent 16,000 years ago.


So this finding suggests that there is a gap of thousands of years of knowledge about human history in the United States.

The theme of America’s first man has long been debated in science. This is not the first time humans have been considered to exist before. But the inventions that represent this have so far mainly had properties such as spear heads and other tools. The evidence may not be sufficient.

The trail found during excavations in the White Sand National Park in New Mexico provides a very reliable clue. “The soil cannot move up or down like a footprint,” says one researcher Against the BBC.

Children and adolescents

An American team of geologists was able to find out what time they came from the layers above and below the prints. 21,000 and 23,000 years ago, it came to an end.

According to researchers, the footprint comes from young children and adolescents. It is not known exactly what they did, but they may have helped the adults in the hunting ritual used by the Native Americans.

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