Rescue all passengers on the Plopsaland roller coaster with a crane |  Instagram

Rescue all passengers on the Plopsaland roller coaster with a crane | Instagram

At about 5:30 p.m. – just before the amusement park closed – the report on the roller coaster stopping reached the fire brigade. A high crane arrived from Ostend to help the visitors get off, but the process was difficult. Due to the strong gusts of wind, the container into which people had to be lowered had been unstable for a long time.

Nine people participated, including adults and teens latest news† Unfortunate theme park visitors were stuck in a roller coaster. The fire brigade came to the scene to help people get off the roller coaster, but it turned out that it was not so easy.

“At the moment, the first two people have been released,” spokesman Christoph Loage of the Westhoek fire brigade said around 10 p.m. The fire service said all emergency services are ready to receive people as soon as they reach the basement.” “We were able to talk to people for a while. They all seem fine.” The other seven were also rescued around 11:30 p.m.

“Ride to Happiness from Tomorrowland” is the so-called “roller coaster”, where carts can spin freely, on which the creative team of Tomorrowland collaborated. Visitors are photographed twice at 90 kilometers per hour and roll five times. The attraction, which opened in July last year, has a total length of approximately one kilometer and a height of 35 meters above ground at its highest point.

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