Request to stay the lawsuit against Prince Andrew denied

Request to stay the lawsuit against Prince Andrew denied

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The British newspaper reported that a US judge rejected a request from Britain’s Prince Andrew and his lawyer to stop the lawsuit against him. Watchman Saturday.

The lawsuit was filed by Virginia Joffrey. She claims that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her. According to Andrew’s lawyer, Joffrey does not actually live in the United States, but in Australia. As a result, her indictment legally invalid be.

The judge told Prince Andrew’s lawyer in a written statement on Friday that they must hand over the documents according to the schedule. It is reported that the lawyers have not yet officially defended themselves against the lawsuit on the grounds of Joffrey’s residence. As a result, the judge has refused to rule on this matter for the time being.

Prince Andrew allegedly sexually assaulted Joffrey in 2001. She was then a minor and could have been recruited by the convicted and now-deceased businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who was a friend of the Prince at the time. The assault was said to have taken place at a home owned by Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s girlfriend. Maxwell was found guilty of recruiting underage girls on Wednesday.

Prince Andrew denies the allegations against him. A hearing in the case is scheduled for Monday. A secret deal between Epstein and Giuffre is also expected to be announced on that day. The woman sued Epstein years ago. This led to a settlement in 2009. Prince Andrew’s lawyer was acquitted in October for offering the deal.

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