American Republicans are against more education about slavery in the past

Republicans vehemently oppose more “black history” in American schools

Senator Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican minority faction in the US Senate.Build Getty Images

The letter of 39 Republican senators is the latest chapter in the political debate about racial and racial inequality in the United States. Senators, led by faction leader Mitch McConnell, wrote that the proposed education policy makes curricula subject to a “divisive and politicized agenda” and a focus on the flaws of the United States as a nation.

Young Americans deserve a deep knowledge and understanding of American society and history. They should understand our successes as well as our failures, ”Republicans wrote to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona.“ American tax money should not be diverted which unites our country to the extremist ideologies that divide us. ”

A Department of Education spokesperson said the “history of systemic disparities” in the United States is gaining recognition and indicates that the department welcomes all contributions to the policy proposal.

“National Education”

The right wing in the Republican Party has long targeted projects that shed more light on the black pages of American history. Former President Donald Trump, for example, was regularly critical of Project 1619 New York timesWhich won a Pulitzer Prize and focused on the past of early African slaves in colonial America. Instead, Trump wanted more “patriotic” education.

The Biden Administration’s policy proposal is designed to support education “that reflects the breadth and depth of our country’s diverse history and the vital role of diversity in democracy,” and can be read on the US government website. Schools are encouraged to focus projects on “systemic exclusion, prejudice, inequality, and discriminatory policies in American history.”

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