Remotely disabled agricultural cars stolen by the Russians |  abroad

Remotely disabled agricultural cars stolen by the Russians | abroad

In recent weeks, there have been several reports of Russian looting of cars and materials. According to the American channel A new stage has entered a new stage with the large-scale movement of heavy equipment, in which military transports will be used to push back tractors, plows and seed drills.

A Ukrainian businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that more than five million dollars in agricultural vehicles were stolen from him alone. The loot is said to include a collection worth only about $300,000. According to CNN, one of the stolen machines was on a truck with the letter Z, the letter Russian soldiers painted on their cars.

Today’s agricultural machinery is equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS), which makes it easy to locate. There is a stolen machine in the Zakhan Yurt in Chechnya, among other things. “It’s easy to lock it from a distance. So the Russians can’t do much with it,” the businessman told CNN. Meanwhile, there will also be things on a farm near Grozny. The businessman expects the Russians to call in experts to circumvent security. “If that doesn’t work, they will be dismantled to sell the parts.”

In the Melitopol region, many tons of grain are harvested every year.

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