Record label Top Notch has stopped promoting Lil Kleine completely

Record label Top Notch has stopped promoting Lil Kleine completely

“We’ve stopped everything about Lil Kleine on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Because, provided we’re also very scared of that happening. Then you don’t want to promote the same artist,” says Patti at NRC. The rapper was arrested in Amsterdam last weekend for assault, allegedly by his fiancée Jimmy Weiss. Since then, his current label Sony Music has not responded.

In recent years, Top Notch has been very reluctant to comment on artists who have received negative media coverage. This also applies to rapper Bilal Waheeb, who lost his credibility after asking an underage boy on Instagram to show his genitals.

“We learn as we go forward. I first plan what is going on with the artist management and then consult with the team. The ambition is that things will go faster in the future. I understand the call that we take our responsibility we also feel this urgency. I dare promise that we will do even better in the years to come. ‘ said Patty.

On the album Ibiza Stories, Jorek Schulten, as Klein is really called, discusses the alleged abuse of his girlfriend in Ibiza in May 2021. Top Notch promoted this album by saying that Lil Klein “candid about the much-discussed situation in Ibiza” will enter. “We discussed it, yeah,” Patty told the newspaper. “Looking back, this wasn’t the tastiest press release we sent.”

remove wax image

The rapper was sentenced last week to 120 hours of community service for assaulting a man in an Amsterdam nightclub. Several radio stations banned his music and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum removed his likeness from the collection.

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Dutch beverage producer embellishedof which Lil Klein is a contributor, has canceled cooperation with him.

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