Rare sand sculptures on an American beach: ``It looks like another planet'

Rare sand sculptures on an American beach: “It looks like another planet’

The windswept carvings, which look like chess pieces, are attracting a lot of attention in the town of St. Joseph, Michigan. The largest specimens protrude about 40 cm above the ground.

“looks like Photoshop”

Experts are also in the dark when it comes to the origin of the carvings. “I’ve never seen this before,” a geologist told a local TV station. “It’s almost photoshop-like,” he replied when asked to picture the sculptures.

Terry Abbott, a resident of the area, was recently strolling along the shores of Lake Michigan when she spotted the rocky stretches of sand. “It looked like another planet,” says the American. “I spend a lot of time here, and I’ve never seen them before.”

However, according to Jeff Richner, the park superintendent to which the beach belongs, they are more common. He’s seen them a few times since 2015. According to Rechner, there will be a name for her: headgear. Similar forms can also be found in other nature reserves.

left cut

Alan Arbogast, chair of the University of Michigan’s geography department, has a theory about how the images came to be. According to him, parts of the beach would have frozen, and then strong winds would have blown sand between them.

“These things are not built,” he says. “It’s pieces left behind.” Arbogast suspects that it can also be found in areas such as northern Europe or the northwestern coast of the United States.

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