Radio stations rarely play Borsato music |  stars

Radio stations rarely play Borsato music | stars

Radio station 100% NL decided to play his music less in response to current reports about the singer. “We are following the sentiment surrounding this issue and are taking it into account in our programming,” a spokesperson for the newspaper said. ANNP. We talk about it with our listeners. For example, we discussed it at length this morning on our morning show Good Morning 100% NL. Given the current sentiment, we are currently playing Marco Borsato to a lesser degree on our channel.” The station also notes that it is shocked and is waiting for the research to develop.

Qmusic does not currently play any bursato music at all. “At the moment, his music is not on our playlist. Of course we are watching developments closely,” a radio spokesperson said.


The Dutch Public Broadcaster (NPO) leaves the choice of whether or not to operate Borsato to broadcasters. “A judge decides whether someone is guilty. Broadcasters are free to choose whether or not to play a particular artist or song,” a spokesperson said.

For the Talpa network, which owns radio stations 538, Radio 10, Sky Radio and Veronica, the complaint against Borsato is not yet a reason to remove the singer from the music lists. A Talpa spokesperson said: “As long as the investigation continues, we see no reason to exclude Marco Borsato from our programmes, we are closely monitoring reports regarding this matter.”

On Tuesday, it was announced that a 22-year-old woman had filed a complaint against Borsato for “indecent assault”. The singer was telling the woman who was telling her story telegraph He did, they abused for years. The report came on the heels of rumors circulating for weeks through various gossip channels about the singer’s offensive behavior. And earlier this week, the singer responded with a request for an investigation by the Public Prosecution Office. Borsato denies these allegations.

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A young woman reported a sexual assault by Marco Borsato to the police on Monday. The 22-year-old says Borsato has assaulted her since the age of 15. Crime reporter John van den Heuvel knows the details of the report.

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