Radio listener offers final travel saving tip: ‘Up to €400’

Radio listener offers final travel saving tip: ‘Up to €400’

Listener Anthony Ivins offered tips on how to travel much cheaper on Radio2’s WinWin programme. “Most people with children are tied to the school summer holidays and the more expensive Christmas and New Year period,” he said. “But not everyone is tied to the school holidays.”

“And there is a solution for these people. Because the biggest savings you can make on your travels are very simple: just stay in Belgium during the summer and leave in the winter, when heating costs are at their highest.”

On vacation to the Canary Islands

“You might think: it won’t be warm enough in winter, but there are still possibilities. Take for example the Canary Islands, which are popular with the Flemish people. There the temperature can rise to 21 to 22 degrees.”

“On the other hand, you also have options a little further south, such as Agadir, in southern Morocco. I’ve been there in February and in November and December. There are temperatures ranging from 24 to 27 degrees.”

Preserve and enhance vitamin D

“You will definitely save your budget. You can save up to 400 euros on gas, heating oil or electricity consumption by going on holiday in winter. And you can enjoy the sun at the same time. Moreover, you will get a boost of vitamin D for the whole winter.”

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