Queen Máxima joins the army: “Very important work” |  RTL News

Queen Máxima joins the army: “Very important work” | RTL News

This part of the army provides combat support to the army among others. Military builders are trained, among other things, to remove obstacles and build military infrastructure, such as bridges and ferries. She also blew up an obstacle.

The Queen described the work of the regiment as “extremely important”. “We don’t see them very often, but this is very important because it protects other units and allows them to do their jobs.”

In between work, the Queen spoke to the so-called engineers about their work, for which they go on assignments abroad, but are also deployed in the Netherlands in times of floods, for example.

For example, at the beginning of this year they built an emergency dam in Maastricht after persistent rains caused floods there and washed away the so-called spillway, the part of the dam that regulates the water level.

The soldiers also told the Queen about their experiences training Ukrainian soldiers.

Military armored vehicle

The Queen rode an armored military vehicle, helped clear obstacles and helped build a ferry on the Maas River. The Queen laughed: “Today I saw men and women with a lot of pride, and they also guided me a little. I was happy about that.”

For the occasion, the Queen wore a green military uniform with camouflage print which was also worn by her temporary colleagues. Upon her arrival, Army Commander Jan Suelins jokingly complimented her on her choice of clothing.

The King during a helicopter exercise

It’s not just the Queen who appears in the army. King Willem-Alexander attended helicopter training in England yesterday, where he flew an Apache attack helicopter during a training flight.

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