Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander appear in outfits that break all royal rules

Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander appear in outfits that break all royal rules

Our annual summer photo session has just ended, and the next agenda item is already ready for us the Royal family: Business trip to the United States, visiting Atlanta and Savannah in Georgia, and Albany and New York City, both in New York State. Yesterday they showed off their coolest look yet.

Máxima and Willem-Alexander are at their wits’ end

The business visit, as the trip is called, began last Monday, when the royal couple arrived in Atlanta. Maxima then left the plane wearing an elegant (contrary to all expectations) pink pantsuit from Claes Iversen and combined her Power suit With a pair of flower earrings. That elegance continued in the look that followed: a sparkling white dress with a V-neck and peplum by Dior. Yesterday afternoon, they visited New York Creates, where Máxima (and her husband) were photographed in a look we never expected.

The royal couple appeared in white Total With a hood, leaving only their faces exposed. NY Creates is a technology hub in New York and one of the hottest places in the world Semiconductor research in development. During their visit, the two toured the building, which includes a “clean room” where white suits are mandatory.

After visiting the technology center, our king and queen exchanged names Overalls Once again for an elegant look, to visit the Schuyler Palace, where they talked with young people about the climate. Maxima chose pink again Squad Willem-Alexander appeared in a blue suit.

Patrick van Cutwijk//Getty Images

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