Queen Letizia's short dress softens the tongues |  Royals

Queen Letizia’s short dress softens the tongues | Royals

Spanish TV presenter Carmen Lomana, like many others, has been very critical of Twitter. She thought the dress was completely out of place, especially since she appeared next to her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia. “Do you want to prove that she is still young and gorgeous?” she asked. Others also think he’s too short for the Queen.

Josine Drogendyk, known for her site Fashion Queen Máxima in which she closely follows her clothing choices in orange, is also crucial. “Although Letizia has beautifully tanned legs, which are really worth seeing, I find the dress far from representative and regal,” she wrote. “Nice for a special day at the beach, but not for the Queen in the office.”


Many foreign media are now also writing about Leticia’s pink dress. Many world tabloids seem to be commending. This is how the Germans thought expensive That Letizia with her “unnaturally long legs” was “the main attraction of the evening”. Also the British daily Mail He praised the Queen’s “enviably tanned” legs. Italian magazine oggi I thought Letizia looked like her daughters’ sister.

Not only was 49-year-old Leticia on the road with Queen Sofia on Sunday: her daughters Leonor (16) and Sophia (15) were with them, too. They wore short dresses like their mother. Letizia’s choice of outfit was initially little known in the Spanish media. Single Confidencial Newspaper He said the Queen “apparently” returned to her old habits this summer. Letizia has only worn long dresses in recent years.

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