Queen Elizabeth 70 years on the throne: Four days of celebration in England

Queen Elizabeth 70 years on the throne: Four days of celebration in England

Ten million Britons are expected to celebrate the anniversary at more than 16,000 street parties, reports the Local Government Association (LGA). “We live here, like Christmas,” says reporter Anne Senen. “Party shops are full of flag-printed stuff, the streets are lined with flags, and English pudding has already sold out like jam scones.”

This anniversary is very special for the British, because the Queen is one of the longest reigning monarchs in the world. Unlike previous anniversaries, the British were given an extra day this time.

During Queen Elizabeth’s golden jubilee in 2002, guitarist Brian May played guitar solos on the roof of Buckingham Palace:


The British are increasingly noticing that Queen Elizabeth has been around for several decades. For example, she recently had to cancel appointments due to her health and mobility issues.

For the first time since 1963, she was unable to attend the opening of the parliamentary year this month. However, she has recently attended some of her favorite events. She appeared smiling at a horse show. “For the convenience of the Brits, it has looked so good the last few times, and they are hoping to take a look at it now,” Senin says.


When asked if this is the last anniversary of the British Queen, the people around her are not ready to answer. Senin explains that answering the “what if” question is disrespectful and seems taboo. “Furthermore, a large percentage of Britons are in denial and consider her immortal.”

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