Puzzle solved: does Gouda have a summer dam as well as a winter dam?

Puzzle solved: does Gouda have a summer dam as well as a winter dam?

Every Gouwenaar knows Winterdijk. And since there’s Lage and Hoge Gouwe, among other things, it wouldn’t be surprising if you had Zomerdijk too. But does this exist? And if so, where is Zomerdijk? We’ve come to that.

Winterdijk is one of the oldest roads in Gouda. This has been going trend and through quality since 1359. The reason for building Winterdijk goes back to Gouwe. As a result of the reclamation of the land behind the dam, agriculture became possible, among other things. There was always a danger of flooding from Gouwe during the winter months. Winterdijk was built to counter this.

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Winterdijk in quality from van Bergen IJzendoornpark | Photo: Google Street View

Today, the original Winterdijk is no longer complete. The dam started at Kattensingel, but is nowadays started only at Van Bergen IJzendoornpark. In addition, part of it disappeared due to the construction of the Blomendale district. The Winterdijk stops at Gentseweg in Gouda. But this is not the end of Winterdijk. Once you continue under the A12 through the path that passes through the Campanille Hotel, you will return to Winterdijk. And if you keep following this, you will reach Brugweg which leads to Waddinxveen.

summer dam

Where Winterdijk is a street, Zomerdijk is not, but it is! Sports Park De Uiterwaard is located in Goverwelle. In addition to sports, you can also tour the sports grounds. Especially as a dog owner he is perfect. The path you take around rugby, baseball and Geo de Paul is divided into several parts. These are respectively called Rugbypad, Baseballpad, and Jeu de Boulespad. But there is also Zomerdijk. This is located between Rugby Road and the Jeu de Boules Trail.

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Zomerdijk works along the embankment in Hollandsche IJssel | Image: Google Maps

Zomerdijk is named after the dam adjacent to Hollandsche IJssel. The Hollandsche Canal has been incised or made navigable, and has a fluctuating water level. It is important that the water is circulated, especially when the water level is very high. The water level during the summer is often lower, but a dam is still needed to keep the water back. This is the Summer Dam and that is why the path that runs alongside it is named after this dam. The Summer Dam has only existed since May 11, 1993.

Fun fact

So Zomerdijk got his name because of his summer job. But what happens when the water level is higher in the wetter months? Goejanverwelledijk then gets into the business as a “winter dam”. This dam then reverses the waters when the Zimmers and floodplains are inundated. Fortunately, residents on the other side of the dam keep their feet dry.

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