PSV remote control should go to America |  Eindhoven

PSV remote control should go to America | Eindhoven

Eindhoven – The usually innovative city of Eindhoven is preparing for a trip to Las Vegas these days. This month, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest technology fair, will be held there. This year the show is online. Participants from this region introduce themselves. Today the fourth part is about blind comfort and cuddling from afar

I talked

Blind people need a little rest to understand the world around them. Hence, reading something from the smartphone’s smooth screen is not possible. Hable came from Eindhoven with a service to solve this problem.

“We made a little console,” says co-founder Frick van Welsenis, 23. “With eight buttons, a blind person can control their entire phone using braille. You can not only type, but you can also switch between different applications.”

The Hable One console is already for sale and those sales are doing well, according to Van Welsenis. But the Dutch market is small. We hope to sell quickly in America. “

This is also Hable’s goal during CES: Find a retailer that sells a Hable Console. We are still looking for investors. We’ve already raised € 200,000, but we still need two more, ”says Van Welsenis.“ We need this to pay for the marketing and sales costs. We want to market ourselves firmly. It costs a lot of money. “

Holst Center

A big hug is not possible due to Corona. Body Wonders from Eindhoven Holst offer some relief. Body Wonders is a jacket with fourteen motors vibration at the arms, back and front that the wearer does not control. “Two people can still make physical contact through the vibrations in the jacket,” says Lotte Willems (32) of the research center.

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This is very intuitive on an iPad, anyone can define patterns, for example a circle. Then the jacket wearer feels the motors vibrating one after the other around his waist. “We want to show people what you can do with this kind of smart clothing,” says Williams.

Willims would have preferred to let everyone experiment with how the jacket would work. “It’s not possible right now because it’s online. So it’s disgusting.” With CES, she wants to establish contact with companies that make smart clothes themselves. “We are looking for entities willing to invest in us so that we can conduct research and come up with concepts for them.”

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