Protests after Khan was deposed, the new prime minister has already been elected

Protests after Khan was deposed, the new prime minister has already been elected

After the Pakistani parliament removed Imran Khan from the premiership yesterday, Tens of thousands of people took to the streets To clarify. Meanwhile, Parliament has already elected a new Prime Minister.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Islamabad and the southern port city of Karachi to support the ousted prime minister. “Never in our history has such a crowd spontaneously appeared in such numbers,” Khan wrote in a tweet.

Khan (pictured, left) was ousted by a no-confidence vote yesterday. He has become unpopular because of his economic policies. To avoid a vote of no confidence, Khan dissolved parliament and called new elections a week earlier. But the Supreme Court of Pakistan overturned this decision.

Khan says his accountability was behind an American plot, an accusation that resonates well in Pakistan. The United States denies the allegations.

Khalifa Khan will be sworn in today in Parliament. This is Shahbaz Sharif (70), the former prime minister of Pakistan’s Punjab state and head of the conservative Muslim League, the country’s main opposition party.

Shahbaz Sharif (pictured, right) is the younger brother of Nawaz Sharif, who was president until 2017 and had to step down because he appeared in Panama Papers† Nawaz Sharif has been barred from running for office again and is now living in exile in the United Kingdom.

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