Private plane crashes in the Baltic Sea after a strange flight

Private plane crashes in the Baltic Sea after a strange flight

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A private plane that took off from southern Spain crashed in the Baltic Sea tonight. Swedish media reports said there were four people on board the small plane. Rescue services at the scene say there is no hope for survivors.

NATO fighters have been called in to monitor aircraft for their disruptive flying behavior. The private plane changed course several times. The Swedish Rescue Service reported that NATO pilots said they did not see anyone in the cockpit or cabin. Also, it is not possible to contact the plane.

The plane crashed northwest of the coastal city of Ventspils, Latvia. The Swedish island of Gotland is located 100 km to the west of it. Swedish and Latvian rescue services are searching the scene. Stains of debris and oil can be seen.

“Husband, wife and daughter”

The victims are still unclear. The German newspaper Bild It states that it is a pilot, a man, a woman and a daughter.

According to Flight Radar, the plane departed from Spain at 3 p.m. Reuters news agency reported that the plane changed course twice near Paris and Cologne before heading towards the Baltic Sea. It passed through the south side of Gotland around 7:30 pm. Then the Cessna 551 veered to the northeast and began to lose altitude and speed.

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