Private investigator admits to role in Harry and Meghan case |  Entertainment

Private investigator admits to role in Harry and Meghan case | Entertainment

Hanks Knew among other things Megans Social Security number, phone number, and address as well as information about her family members. However the sun They insisted this was done legally, and according to the investigator, they turned a blind eye when it wasn’t the case. This reports BBC.

In the United States, officially licensed private investigators have access to databases full of information. However, this is not allowed for journalistic purposes, as was the case with Megan. The BBC I got the documents Hanks provided at the time the sun Delivered. “It wasn’t very hard to figure out, in principle almost everything could be found legally except for Social Security numbers. Once you have that data, you will have the gold in your hands,” Hanks said.


Harry Megan responded to the confession through their spokesperson. They consider it “an important moment to take a closer look at the media industry and society in general.” “Now that it’s known what happened in recent years, and it’s still going on, something needs to be done about it. It causes a lot of damage within families.” They declared that they are “grateful” to “the people who work in journalism and are able to keep their value.”

Hanks has worked as a private investigator for 40 years, focusing primarily on gathering information about celebs like Michael Jackson in a Geoffrey Epstein. He retired a few years ago, but Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey inspired him to tell the truth. “I want to clear my conscience. I am very sorry for what I did at the time and I am there if their lawyers want to talk to me. They can get any information they want. I hope this never happens.”

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