Privacy Leak: Eufy smart cameras display photos of strangers

Privacy Leak: Eufy smart cameras display photos of strangers

The privacy leak was first noticed by YofiUsers from New Zealand and Australia Reddit. When opening the Eufy app, users don’t see photos from their camera, but apparently from strangers.

The app allows users to access strangers’ snapshots as if they were rotating their cameras and shots. As a result, both live photos and recordings can be viewed and even rotatable cameras can be set. The recordings can then be made unnoticed, which can be stored on the viewer’s phone.

Server upgrade error

Several users reported the same problems. These users are largely from New Zealand and Australia, but problems are also occurring in the US, according to reports 9to5Mac. The problems seem to be limited to users who already own Eufy cameras; Photos are not shown in Eufy for people who do not have a camera.

The maker of Eufy Denied Let him know It was an error that arose after upgrading the server this morning. The defect should be fixed in about an hour.

The company recommends that users turn off the device, log into it, log out of the app, and log in again.

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