President Biden honors Superbowl winners at the White House

President Biden honors Superbowl winners at the White House

Brady, who was also in the White House during President Trump in 2017, had some comments mocking Biden’s predecessor: “A lot of people don’t think we could have won, I think 40 percent of people still don’t think we won, Brady said.

“I understand,” Biden said, raising his hands. “Do you understand, Mr. President?” Brady smiled. “I get it,” Biden repeated, as the Buccaneers’ players and coaches burst into laughter. Brady and Biden point to Trump supporters who still believe against their better judgment over their president’s election victory.

The team presented Biden with a white shirt with the red shirt number 46 – Biden is the 46th president of the United States of America. Brian Glazer, owner of the Buccaneers, also indicated that the club will soon enter its forty-sixth season.

It was the first time since 2017 that a Super Bowl winner visited the White House. The 2018 to 2020 winners avoided then-President Trump’s official residence for a variety of reasons.

It is customary for champions of major American sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer and ice hockey to be honored by the president in the White House, but many teams declined during Trump’s tenure, including the women’s national soccer team that became world champions. 2019 at the expense of the Netherlands.

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