Praying in the wilderness of Africa or South America?  Take your own beautiful Lord’s Prayer selfie

Praying in the wilderness of Africa or South America? Take your own beautiful Lord’s Prayer selfie

Steven Fens

Every day the Lord’s Prayer sounds millions of times in churches, living rooms or the open air. But ‘just out in the open’ doesn’t count for DJ Brandsma from Almere. he thought Our Father in the wilderness, A digital world map of ‘The Prayer Jesus Taught Us’ in scenic locations across five continents. Nature lovers can participate in the Lord’s prayer by taking a selfie video.

Irish monks preceded them in the ninth century, although they did not take selfies. They traveled to the then largely untouched Iceland to say their prayers between the geysers.

On the project’s world map Our Father in the Wilderness Now there are thirteen points. The Lord’s Prayer selfies were shot on top of the Alps, in the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Exemption for playing risky activities

“It’s encouraging to see the map of the world gradually filling up with special Our Father prayers, whether near or far from home,” Brandsma says in a press release.

The first Lord’s Prayer from Africa came online this week, recorded in Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Anyone can participate and send a video Participants are requested to be careful while praying. “If the screening team behind the website notices that an entry has played risky activities, the entry will not be posted.”

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Our Father: “You are called to account, but you are forgiven”

Fatherland’s theologian, Klardje Cruyff, discusses the Lord’s Prayer with other thinkers at True. Each week, two of them talk to each other about a line from the prayer. In the final episode, Rabbi Lodi van de Kamp (69) and Klardje Gruyff (46) themselves highlight the seventh commandment: And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.

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