PostNL shows how the Netherlands is innovating

PostNL shows how the Netherlands is innovating

The Hague, August 16, 2021 – PostNL’s latest stamp newspaper focuses on the innovative capacity of our country. Illustrations on stamps indicate various innovations developed by scientists at TU Delft, the largest and oldest technical university in our country.

The Netherlands is an international leader when it comes to creativity. In the European Union, our country is in the top five, and worldwide, we are in the top ten, and the high score is due in part to the extensive public-private partnership between knowledge institutions, governments and the business community.


Each of the 10 innovative Dutch philatelic stamps features a delightful illustration about a special innovation project at TU Delft. Illustrations were made by cartoonist and cartoonist Erwin Soval from Rijsbergen. Summer color graphics show the essence of each innovation and its application with a wink.

well ventilated

On the stamp’s small footprint, Soval manages to bring light to each illustration. It does this by first selecting the elements necessary to understand innovation. “For example, solar power in inland waterways includes water and solar panels,” Soval says. “So you can’t get around that. But I paint something to make it come alive. For example, by emphasizing the water with a man in a boat rowing between solar panels.”

stages of innovation

The stamps show that innovations are being applied in all kinds of areas, from energy-saving projects, smart transportation solutions and flexible production options to efficient water management and innovations in healthcare. The selection takes into account the stages that innovation goes through. For example, there are inventions that are still in the prototype stage, other innovations are currently being extensively tested and some are in full production.

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Innovations through collaboration

In addition to pioneering education and research, TU Delft is fully committed to innovation. Important breeding ground for this is TU Delft . Campus: A unique ecosystem of over 250 companies, startups, research institutes, and field laboratories, and the university is the beating heart. Paul Altois, Director of the Center for Innovation and Impact at TU Delft: “We strongly believe in collaboration between science and partners to accelerate innovations and provide solutions to current challenges in society. We are proud that these innovations are now on a postage stamp and taking over the world.”


The innovative Dutch stamp sheet contains 10 different stamps with the value indication Nederland 1, intended for postage up to 20 grams with a destination within the Netherlands. The stamps will be available from August 16, 2021 in Bruna stores and across the site. Stamps can also be ordered by phone from Collect Club customer service at 088-868 99 00. The validity period is not specified.

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