Post the UK with a red icon warning of the storm

Post the UK with a red icon warning of the storm

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While the UK is still dealing with the inconvenience and damage caused by Storm Dudley, Britons are preparing for Storm Eunice on Friday. Because of Eunice, a rare red symbol was issued for part of Wales and southwest England.

In the rest of the country, the orange and yellow code applies on Friday. Just like in the Netherlands, they warn of less serious consequences than code red. Ireland is also warning of possible high winds and flooding. It is expected that Eunice will be accompanied by winds of up to 160 kilometers per hour.

The British Met Office on Friday warned of potentially life-threatening flying debris, power outages, road closures and problems with public transport. This is especially true of the southwest of the United Kingdom, in the morning. The north is expected to experience the least amount of disturbance. According to British media, the Met Office has called on people to stay at home.

Storm Dudley has been causing inconvenience in parts of the UK since Wednesday. Local media reports include uprooting trees, problems with public transportation and power outages for tens of thousands of families. Other countries also suffer annoyances from Dudley, including the Netherlands.

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