Post-competition date with Red-White approaches: 'We've been weighed in and found to be very light at the moment' |  Amateur football

Post-competition date with Red-White approaches: ‘We’ve been weighed in and found to be very light at the moment’ | Amateur football

Sunday 1 bKnowing that Una would go down straight through the withdrawal, Red & White wanted to take the last chance to keep the class without football after the competition. And so the 2-3 defeat to Olympia came as a sledgehammer, although the arrangement was not yet disastrous.

But coach Marco Groenefeld preached the reality after the match: “Of course there are still many games to play, but it’s almost the same every week. We have a visual advantage, certainly no less than the opponent, but we are left with a point or nothing at all.” We have a team character that’s hard to beat, but we don’t win much either. “It’s going to be very difficult to avoid post-competition,” Groenefeld said.

The home team opened stronger, but already had to deal with the damper after ten minutes. Angered by both Red-White, referee Hulters fouled Boy van Steen, after which the ball fell through Joris van den Ban’s feet, 0-1. Five minutes later, the result is already settled. Desmond Nagzam was tapped in the span of sixteen years and captain van Steen, in his final season, fired the penalty flawlessly.


The 32nd minute proved that visitors are not overflowing with quality. Danny Sots suddenly came face-to-face with goalkeeper Andy Steging, but he stayed so long that the ball ended up on the crossbar through Steging. The second half was for Rod-White, but the home team cheated an hour later. The sharp rebound came to the right striker, Mohamed Belali, who came and hit the ball in the short corner with the left.

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Genio Arts © Pix4Profs / Marina Popova

Red & White again showed its flexibility, because after barely five minutes the result was already even. Jainho Arts, next season, signed for the Belgian Neumore, for the cross, we head it into the first post. Groeneveld immediately made an offensive change: We chose to take the win, knowing that a point would not help us further. Unfortunately, in our enthusiasm, we overwhelmed ourselves too much. ”

identical target against

Even worse, the home team also gave up the point in the 86th minute, in a similar fashion to 1-2. Once again it was Bilali who came from the right and hit the short corner. “It may sound harsh, but his defense was poor and the goalkeeper was poor,” said Grunfeld. “At the end of the day, it is just about scoring and blocking goals. We seem to be lacking in both, we were weighed and we found ourselves very light at the moment.”

saturday football

If a switch doesn’t come soon, Red-White is waiting for the playoffs, knowing that about half of a team will either quit or leave. And we won’t turn into the new standard team that starts Saturday in the fourth division, according to FA president Leon Evers: .. It will certainly not be the boys who are now part of Sunday’s selection, but a whole new team with players we live here. , with a date in regional football on Saturday. Boys who have stopped playing football again and youngsters who want to continue playing football on Saturday will also join this. I like to be ahead and think Saturday’s football is the future, although we certainly won’t make any concessions until Sunday. It is more of an addition and enhancement to what we already have.”

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