Possibly support for European electric cars in the US

Possibly support for European electric cars in the US

Photo: ANP

European automakers may still be able to use US subsidies for electric cars. These subsidies are reserved by American politicians exclusively for cars produced in the United States. But if non-US manufacturers import the cars and then deliver them to customers via lease, those customers can still get up to $7,500 in subsidies. This was stated by the US Treasury Department on Thursday.

Support for electric cars is one of the things in the US package of measures that makes other countries skeptical. Within European countries, there is a call for more coordinated agreements to prevent European companies from transferring part of their production to the United States. The European Union negotiates with the United States on American subsidies. Asian countries are also rallying against what they see as an unfair measure.

Incidentally, it is not yet certain whether the US Department’s explanation will be the latter. Officials will return to this in March.

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