Portuguese Song Festival looking for an Amsterdam prostitute

Portuguese Song Festival looking for an Amsterdam prostitute

Singer Pedro Tatanka from the Portuguese movie The Black Mamba during training in Ahoy.YouTube / Eurovision Image

That was three years ago, somewhere in 2018. The Black Mamba members still remember their meeting place: The Bulldog Hotel in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. An elderly woman spoke to the band members and told the story of her life that the Portuguese took to the song Love is on my side Books on. “She said she was once a young woman with dreams, but that life went differently than she thought,” says singer Pedro Tatanka after her first rehearsal in Ahoy. She became addicted and ended up in prostitution.

Despite her miserable circumstances, something powerful sprang from this woman. She said that despite everything she always felt love with her. She came from the Eastern Bloc country, and unfortunately I don’t know exactly which country. She was very old. Her story was taken to Portugal and now back to the Netherlands via the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the graphic parts of this work, the Portuguese show Amsterdam-style buildings and when the singer walks forward on the podium to finish the song with his guitar, an almost woman walks with him. “This is the same woman, in her young years. We would like to tell her personally what her story has done for us.”

the number Love is on my side The second semi-final round is scheduled for May 20.

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