Pope Francis was taken to hospital with a respiratory infection outside

Pope Francis, 86, is in hospital with a respiratory infection. He writes, among other things, his situation at the moment La Republica.

According to various media outlets, the Pope was transferred to Gemelli Hospital in Rome on Wednesday afternoon due to heart and respiratory problems.

On Wednesday morning, Francis held his weekly general audience of thousands of faithful in St. Peter’s Square. Then he would get sick. A Vatican spokesman said shortly afterwards that the pope went to the hospital at the prearranged times.

This statement was later modified. According to the Vatican press service, Pope Francis has already complained of breathing problems in recent days. The Vatican says he does not have coronavirus, he writes BBC News.

Francis will stay in the hospital overnight. Sources reported that his closest employees are with him. Appointments made in the coming days were canceled by the Vatican.

In July 2021, the Argentine pope underwent intestinal surgery. In a recent interview, he indicated that his intestines are bothering him again. Pope also has a serious knee problem, which means he is usually in a wheelchair.

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