‘Pollux duit Amerika’ te zien in acht Limburgse theaters

“Pollux Duit Amerika” can be seen in eight theaters in Limburg

France Pollux goes on an American tour.
Photo: PR

France Pollux will return to theaters this fall. His new show is called Pollux, America. In Performance examines the American influence on music, literature, and sports. And of course he sings songs. The special guest during the tour is Baer Traa.

“I wanted a rock star in America,” Frans Pollux sang in one of his last songs. Ten years ago he lived there, in the heart of New York, near the famous Chelsea Hotel. He did not become a star, but remained in it the big Apple Increased his fascination with the country and the people and their stories and music.

about all these things Pollux, America. On his new show, songwriter, singer, and presenter raises the question of how America’s Limburgers really are. This question was wrapped up in a variety show with guest musicians, American Crazy Sports, and USA Live Connect. Of course there is a lot of music. For example, it gives an antique Pollux classic an American touch. Nor will Bruce Springsteen’s songs be missing.

Pollux, America Can be seen at DOK6 Panningen (October 9), De Maaspoort, Venlo (October 10), Schouwburg Venray (October 14), De Domijnen Sittard (October 15), De Oranjerie Roermond (October 21), aan het Vrijthof Maastricht (22) October), Parkstad Limburg Theater Heerlen (October 30) and ‘t Gasthoês in Horst (4 November).

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