Politicians are hate to sport: We are in a movement crisis that will cost us years of life

Politicians are hate to sport: We are in a movement crisis that will cost us years of life

In the almost deserted forest of Zeest Football Club, Erwin van de Loye, the national coach of the Dutch juniors, spoke about the lessons he had given in schools during the Corona era. What astonishes him: Many students can’t even run properly. So just run. In the past, an entire class could run, except for a few students. Now it is almost the opposite. Nobody can run, except for a few brave perseverers.

Impaired motor skills, arched appearance from stare at computers, obesity. It is not a face. This is partly due to the inner life of today’s youth and insufficient physical education, and this has been exacerbated by Corona. Online gym classes are the first to die.

Recreational sport has been in trouble for more or less than a year. Empty fields, as if death haunts the accommodations. Under the benches, McDonald’s rubbish piles up in the pit. Ask, restaurant is not allowed to eat, walk to the other side, scrape, and throw garbage under the sofa where the trainer usually sits. Icon picture. With traffic jams in the past, on its way to time slots in stores, as a stark contrast to the emptiness of the emptiness of closed clubs and gyms.

Suddenly I heard groans and groans during a walk last week, as if I were from a certain kind of movie. It turned out to be a gymnasium, where a few outdoor athletes carried weights. The high-level facilities and trainers were praised. It is the salvation of our first sport. The real talent in the pyramid with the increasingly narrow base is being discovered in time, making us win medals in a world increasingly made of fat (until we lost 13 pounds in the second close, thank you), untrained folks. We are in a movement crisis that will cost us years of life.

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But that doesn’t matter, because this is the distant future, and politics today matters, literally, because we’re going to vote this week. He. She Nordholland Dagblad Find out what is written about sport in the election data. Too little to nothing. Take the biggest party on its own, VVD, where there are two paragraphs about sports on nearly a hundred pages (the sport has completely disappeared in the summary).

That first sentence alone, in which a civil servant made pasted copies of the past. “Enjoying exercise and exercise is invaluable for a healthy, sustainable and resilient community.” Well then do something. But no, the refusal to allow sports teams to compete or to open gyms is taking unacceptable proportions.

This focus has always been on pollution numbers for the government’s largest coalition partner, RIVM. There is no adequate explanation for the recent lack of deaths, or that hardly anyone catches the old flu. Yes, they say after that, you don’t have to be overly critical, you have to adjust to the umpires. We are all in a pandemic. But it also has to come both ways. And yes, as they say, the politicians are doing their best. Just: Do your best not good enough in the best sports.

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