Police raid Marbella Beach Club: Haaland continues partying (video)

Police raid Marbella Beach Club: Haaland continues partying (video)

On Sunday evening, Spanish police arrested a 33-year-old man at a beach party club in Marbella. The nationality of the suspect is not yet known. An international arrest warrant was issued for the man. Norwegian footballer Erling Haaland, a Manchester City player, was present at the time of the raid.

“Marbella Plan”

Police raids are not very common along Marbella’s beaches in the summer. On weekends, hundreds of people gather in beach tents there. An arrest is usually easy for the police, provided it can be determined that the suspect is enjoying himself.

As there have been a relatively large number of street shootings in and around Marbella over the past six months, among criminals themselves, the Spanish police are currently trying to arrest as many (often foreign) criminals residing in the coastal city as possible under the “Marbella Plan”. There are also additional checks by uniformed officers on the street.

Routine club

The raid took place on Sunday at the Playa Padre restaurant at around 8:30 p.m. It’s a modest beach club by local standards, near the town’s fishing port.

In Playa Padre, police turned off the music and told visitors in Spanish and English: “This is a routine job.” Once you’re done, you can carry on with the evening and enjoy. be quiet. “There is nothing dangerous or worrying.”

Manchester City footballer Erling Haaland had to introduce himself, sit quietly, and continue celebrating once the police left.

Last month, there was a police raid on the more expensive Ocean Club in Marbella, where a suspect was also arrested.

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