Polar bear kills a female while trying to mate at zoo |  abroad

Polar bear kills a female while trying to mate at zoo | abroad

The bear’s death is a major setback for Noka and the Zoo. Despite her age, Anana was supposed to play a role in the breeding program. I got to know Nuka especially at the beginning of last year.

The New York Post wrote that the two lived together for some time, without the slightest disagreement, before they split for some time. As part of a program to save the species, the bears were reunited last week. The tragedy struck when Noka kills his partner in an attempt to mate with her.

The mating rituals with large predators are sometimes aggressive. Also in polar bears, it is not uncommon for a female to be exposed to a male, for example by a bite on the neck. It’s not entirely clear what went wrong now.

In the past, Nuka has often been very successful with other females. “This was totally unexpected. Nouka is the father of nearly all of the polar bear cubs we have here. The Detroit Zoo hasn’t seen an animal killed by another animal in decades.” The last time was in 1988. Then it went wrong with polar bears.

Polar bears rarely live past the age of 25, but they may age in captivity. There have been cases when polar bears have become in zoos more than 35 years old.

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