Plots of the Amazon rainforest illegally sold on Facebook |  Abroad

Plots of the Amazon rainforest illegally sold on Facebook | Abroad

Some of the items for sale through the social platform are as large as A Thousand Football Fields.

Facebook is said to have informed the UK news site that it is “ready to cooperate with local authorities,” but has indicated that it will not take independent action on its own to stop the trade.

“Our commercial policy requires buyers and sellers to comply with laws and regulations,” added the California Technology Company.

An indigenous leader asked Facebook to do more. The country’s government will not be prepared to stop selling.

do not be shy

According to Evanid Bandera, head of the NGO Canendi, the sellers do not hesitate: “They are not shy about selling parts of the land illegally.”

Anyone can find the offered pieces by entering the correct search terms into the Facebook sales platform. Satellite images and geographic coordinates have also been added to a number of ads.

According to the BBC, many of the sellers are honest: They only admit that they are not an authority in this area. They do not have certificates.

Investment opportunity

One such seller is Fabricio Guimarães. He was caught with a hidden camera while he said he was not afraid of being searched: “There is no chance for that.”

By illegal logging and “processing” agricultural land, he was able to triple the price of his initial request, to 28,800 euros. Fabricio is not a farmer. He sees the sale of land as an investment opportunity.

According to the British source, many ads are coming from Rondonia, which is one of the most deforested places in the Brazilian rainforest.

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