Play Padel temporarily on X now!

Play Padel temporarily on X now!

Xpect Xpected! Want to experience the fastest growing sport of the moment? Padel is a relatively young sport that grows in the Netherlands and originates from South America and Spain. Together with our partners there will be a paddle-in X!

In the swing cage you have to be prepared for anything. The ball moves differently each time, and just when you think you’re defeated, you unexpectedly get a second chance! In every race there are long and spectacular rallies. Padel is easily accessible for all levels and the progressions can be played very easily. what are you waiting for?

Try Padel on X! From Saturday, April 22nd to Monday, May 15th, there is a mobile racquetball court at X behind the beach volleyball courts. Padel can be played on weekdays from 8 am to 11 pm. And on weekends from 08:00 to 22:00.

If you don’t have a putter, you can borrow one from the hosts. Padel balls can be purchased from the hosts.

Paddle board reservation
You have the option to play Padel on your own. This means that you can play the swing unaccompanied during special business hours. Online you can get a job for yourself Reserve and display When available (choose the Racket Sports tab or the Ball Sports tab).

Note: Padel is only offered for a limited time on Terrain X.

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