"Placing Farms in Distribution Centers in North America".

“Placing Farms in Distribution Centers in North America”.

United Natural Foods and Square Roots have signed a new agreement to place Square Roots’ closed farms in select UNFI distribution centers. The first Square Roots farm, approximately 1858 m2 in size, is planned for UNFI’s Prescott, Wis. facility and will open in 2023.

As part of the Better for All initiative, UNFI is focused on building closer relationships with its product suppliers to create an efficient, comprehensive, high-quality supply chain network designed to reduce the time it takes to deliver products to customers in retail distribution. Produce from the first Square Roots farm located at UNFI will serve UNFI’s customers in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

“Today’s consumers focus on the quality and freshness of their produce and rely on their local supermarket for consistent access to high-quality, locally grown food, year-round, without spoiling the day after they take it home. Our relationship with Square roots and strengthens our supply chain through their innovative indoor farming model. “In addition to providing consumers with days of freshness, we are advancing our ambitious ESG initiatives and helping UNFI advance in our goals of reducing waste, reducing greenhouse gases and promoting sustainable horticulture and operations,” said Torn Weninger of UNFI.

“Whether learning lessons from Covid-19, or considering the future impacts of climate change, it’s clear that our food system needs more resilience. Through this partnership, we can continue to and reliably provide local food grown by local farmers. UNFI’s network of retail customers and their Consumers have been bringing it up all year and we’re excited to get started,” said Kimball Musk of Square Roots.

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