Pitji Bell is too scary for kids? The NPO will decide to broadcast on Tuesday

It is a children’s movie Bill’s house, about a Rotterdam scoundrel who has adventures with the Black Hand gang, too scary for children under twelve? Kijkwijzer Established Saturday Yes – “Many children” were frightened by the “violent scenes” in the film, so the advice was changed from “for all ages” to “for over twelve years”. Suddenly falls Bill’s house In the same category as a Bond movie No time to die and action movie Spider Man.

NPO will Bill’s house, a film from 2002, was broadcast on the morning of Saturday, December 31, but is now in doubt; Among the youth programs of the day, only films accessible to all ages are shown. Producer Dave Schramm told ANP news agency that the NPO and KRO-NCRV will make a final decision on Tuesday.

Now Schramm says he’s willing to shorten or remove scenes, if that makes the film broadcastable in the eyes of the NPO. Instead, he was basically acting incomprehensible. on Twitter He called Bill’s house Nice family movie. “Kijkwijzer will only consider and (re)evaluate after a complaint has been filed. A complaint. Apparently there hasn’t been a complaint in 20 years,” Schramm says. “How harmful is the movie really?”


Kijkwijzer has already spoken of one complaint at first, and then of several. A spokesperson for NICAM, the organization that brought Kijkwijzer down, told ANP that “society and knowledge about the impact of images on children is changing.”

against NOS said producer Schramm that he thinks he knows the scene where complaining parents fall into; The one where Betty gets slapped by his father. Schramm says it was not “a hard hit” but rather a “educational one”.

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