Pilgrim Nation: Super Bowl, NBA All Stars and Field Hockey in America

Pilgrim Nation: Super Bowl, NBA All Stars and Field Hockey in America

Every month Pilgrim Nation presenters Bart John Westerdein and Paco Pusteros Lyon bring the latest news about the American game. (Photo: Jerry van Beckel).

February is Super Bowl Month in the United States, so even for Pilgrim Nation. NFL Final Super Bowl LVI’s best plays, best players and eventual winner. The focus was also on the incredible half-time show. Finally, a cautious prediction for the new season has already been made.

This is a small step from the NFL to the NBA. The annual Allstar Game was played, which featured Steff Curry, who scored 16 three-points in the game. LeBron James has been a part-timer since playing in Cleveland. Particularly noteworthy was the immense fun of all the players who were allowed to attend.

Watch and listen to the first half of the broadcast here:

In the second half, Robert Schenk was contacted in Durham, North Carolina. She was appointed head coach of the women’s hockey team at Lander University and is allowed to develop a new hockey program. He told me that actually from the floor, the changing rooms were ready. Field hockey is a growing sport in the United States, especially among women.

March is crazy
The show ended with a big college basketball tournament called March Madness. Because Robert Schenk worked at the University of North Carolina, he was able to tell directly what the college basketball “powerhouse” was like on campus during the tournament.

Watch the second half of the broadcast here:

Pilgrim Nation’s next broadcast is on Wednesday, March 23rd. 6pm to 7pm.


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