Pierre Gasly hopes the bumps on Kuta will go away: 'It will be difficult with these cars'

Pierre Gasly hopes the bumps on Kuta will go away: ‘It will be difficult with these cars’

Pierre Gasly We are looking forward to the ‘cool location’ that the Circuit of the Americas represents for him. He hopes the organization has eliminated last year’s main complaint, the bumps. He states that with the current generation of Formula 1 cars, that wouldn’t be fun.

The Frenchman will drive his last four races for AlphaTauri. This ends a nine-year career with the Red Bull team. Next year, Gasly will be his teammate Esteban Ocon in the Alps. Due to his departure, the seat at the AlphaTauri has become vacant and only Nyck de Vries will replace him.

“well close”

“I want to finish this season, my last four races with the Scuderia AlphaTauri, feeling good, even though my COTA record is not outstanding,” she said. The Frenchman has had a number of DNFs in Austin, but is hoping to switch this weekend. Plus, last year’s complaint was that the track, which was built on a swamp, was very bumpy. “The track has always been very bumpy, and I think with this generation of cars it will be very difficult in terms of handling. This year’s cars are very tough, so it will be a huge challenge for everyone, although I understand that you are likely to do this before.” The year, just in time for the MotoGP Speedway, we made a re-emergence of some sections, so let’s hope that’s an improvement,” he said.


Americans are known to put on a good show and Gasly isn’t expecting anything different this year. “Now we go to Austin, another great location. Last year there was a huge crowd and a lot of hype with the popularity of Formula 1, which is increasing every year in the United States,” he explains. The AlphaTauri driver is often in America and sets high standards. “Americans are the kings of entertainment, so the atmosphere is special. I enjoy that and in the winter I spend some time in the States watching other sports like NBA and NFL games. They know how to host an event, so I’m really excited about This weekend.”

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