Piet den Blanken

Photographer Pete Den Blanken, 71, of Guatemala has died

Piet den Blanken, a photojournalist from Preta, died at a hospital in Guatemala on Monday at the age of 71. This happened during his Latin American trip. Here he fell ill a month ago. Eventually his son died before his eyes.

Den Blanken is best known for his special photos taken about injustice. He has taken countless pictures of special stories around the world. However, Den Blanc’s love for Latin America is immense. He has also done several photo series here.

The name of the photo series is ‘Mother Sick’. Selected by Byte as his most beautiful work. Series about Ivania Brooks from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. The story of a mother of four who is involved in prostitution for a living. At that time Den Blanken saw her as usual. The woman eventually died at the age of 33.

From chemistry student to photojournalist

Pete Den Blanken completed his chemistry studies at HTS in Eindhoven in 1972. He refused to join the army after graduation. Shortly afterwards, he worked at Prabands Dockblot, where he made his debut in photojournalism. He studied report photography at the School of Photovalk. Thus, he officially became the most coveted photojournalist.

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