Philosopher calls move away from Op1 over Gordon 'painful': 'But maybe it's time' |  show

Philosopher calls move away from Op1 over Gordon ‘painful’: ‘But maybe it’s time’ | show

In retrospect, philosopher and writer Fleur Junguibert finds it heartbreaking to see her go on Tuesday. in 1, but thinks that “maybe it’s just time”. According to her, fellow dinner guest Gordon’s remarks about Qatar were “shocking nonsense” that deserved a harsher response than mere words.

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08-12-22, 22:43

I’ll teach you tonight RTL Boulevard. Gordon, who now lives in Dubai, was asked on NPO 1 talk show about human rights in the oil states because of the World Cup in Qatar. The singer spoke of the “educated finger of the Dutch” towards the country and said that people nowadays very woke up. Junjeber had previously told about leaving Radboud University due to her abusive behaviour.

Right after talking to her, Gordon’s words fell in the wrong direction. I think putting transgressions into perspective and laughing at them, which is not uncommon for me at university, requires rebuttal. “Because it didn’t happen, I felt compelled to do it myself,” Jungeber said in a statement today.

She said after the broadcast: “She would have preferred to respond with words, but after the previous clause I no longer had the energy for it. At the same time, I couldn’t sit there shyly and I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by comments about how we shouldn’t all be such moral knights, and I didn’t want In comments that overshadow the conversation about infringing behavior, that’s what happened.

Fleur Junguibert and Gordon in Op1. © NPO

716,000 viewers saw how Jungeber left the table, much to Gordon’s surprise. “It hurts, but on the other hand, maybe it’s just time not to give a calm and respectful response to that insulting nonsense, but with a reluctance to take part in it any more.”

Gordon himself didn’t think it was appropriate for Young Pierre to leave the table. “It was very upsetting, especially because it was so unexpected,” he told TODAY. “I find it a little disrespectful when someone walks away during a conversation, no matter what you think of me. But everyone is allowed to have their say, and then you can’t agree with me… I also had to listen to her story, and that was intense too.

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