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Signify has expanded its smart lighting offering, announced integration with Spotify and announced support for the Matter smart home protocol. Spotify integration will start as an early access program and will appear in the app in October.

Signify announces a range of new lamps, including the light bar, ceiling lamps and candle lamp. The main announcement concerns the Philips Hue + Spotify integration. Users can link their Hue and Spotify accounts in the Hue app for this. They can then make their Hue lighting respond to the music that Spotify plays. Lighting can not only reflect the rhythm of the beats, but according to Signify, the lighting also adapts to the genre and ambiance of the music. Users can also adjust brightness and colors themselves via the new Sync tab of the Hue app. To automatically respond to music, Philips Hue uses metadata that Spotify sends with songs, according to Signify, but the manufacturer doesn’t provide details on how this works.

Spotify integration can be used as early access functionality in the Philips Hue 4 app from September 1. After October, Philips Hue + Spotify will become a standard feature for all users of this app. The feature works alongside both Spotify Free and Premium. Suggest a sign too repeatedly Supporting the importance of smart homes in the future. Hue Bridge will receive an update in the first half of 2022 so that existing bulbs can handle the protocol. In addition, Hue App 4 will receive support for dynamic scenes from September 1 as lighting in both rooms and areas can slowly transition from one scene to the next.

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Moreover Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box Software gets updated. This means that the device can handle the image refresh rate of 120 Hz. The maximum resolution is 1080p or 1440p. For 4K images, compatibility is limited to 60Hz.

As for the lamps themselves, Signify has announced that the lighting in the White Series, White Ambiance and White & Color Ambiance will be expanded with lamps max 1,100 and 1,600 lumens, as well as the 800 lumens range. Bulbs with a maximum lumen of 1600 are slightly larger: they are 2 cm longer than the rest of the range. Furthermore, there will be a White Ambiance version of the Filament lamp, the color of which can be adjusted by users, and an E14 candle lamp will be added to the Filament series.

Signify expands the Gradient range of multi-colored lighting into a single lamp with a light tube above or below the TV. The compact version will cost 180 euros and the wider version 200 euros. They will be released from October 12th.

On top of this, Surimu’s square and rectangular ceiling panels and more traditional ceiling lamps from Enrave appear. Enrave also appears as a pendant lamp. Xamento recessed lamps and Devere ceiling lamps appear in the bathroom.

Philips Hue model date of publication MSRP
ambiance gradient light strip September 14

€60 (1m) / €150 (2m)

Signe tiered table and floor lamp September 14

200 euros (table) / 300 euros (floor)

Turn on the gradient light tube October 26

180 euros (compact) / 200 euros (wider version)

strands of white atmosphere September 1 €30 (A60) / €40 (ST64) / €40 (G93) / €50 (ST72) / €50 (G125)
White, white atmospheric and white and color atmospheric 1100 lumens September 1

€20 (one white package) / €35 (one package white atmosphere) / €60 (one package white and one color atmosphere)

White, white atmospheres and white and color atmospheres 1600 lumens October 12

€25 (one white package) / €50 (one package white atmosphere) / €70 (one package white and one color atmosphere)

white filament candle lamp September 1

€30 (1 pack) / €50 (2 pack)

Surimo plafondpanel September 14

270€ (1200 x 300mm) / 270€ (600 x 600mm)

Ceiling lamp tilt October 12

€100 (S) / €160 (M) / €220 (L) / €260 (XL)

Hanging lamp tilt October 12

240 EUR

Devere ceiling lamp October 12

€170 (M) / €230 (L)

Xamento recessed spotlight September 1


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