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Peter Molyneux, creator of the Fable game, among other things, is working on a game that uses NFT. In this “blockchain business simulation,” players can build a company by owning “Land NFTs,” Molyneux reports.

Molino’s promises Everything in the game world is made by the players themselves. “From the homes your employees live in, watering pits, and gardens to keep them entertained, to the facilities that make their lives easier and the products your company is built on.” There are “thousands of parts” to do things to create, says the manufacturer. It should then become possible to sell your homemade creations via the blockchain to earn real money.

The game, called Legacy, works with LegacyCoins, the cryptocurrency that players can trade in. This coin is on the Ethereum blockchain and complies with the “Tried and Trusted ERC-20 Token Standard” according to Molyneux.

Molyneux explains that with LegacyCoins, “owners of an in-game establishment” can purchase Legacy Keys. It can be loaned to other players who also want to start a Legacy business. By doing so, they become “business partners” and participate in return keys Percentage of LegacyCoins earned. In addition, players can purchase exclusive “NFT Game Items” with cryptocurrency. Nfts or Irreplaceable icons, are digital items that have their own serial number registered in the blockchain. It is possible to show who owns each item, ensuring that each item is “unique”. It is not known exactly how all this works in Legacy.

According to Molyneux, LegacyCoins can be earned in addition to buying for real money by winning “Competitive Events”: “Players must push their production capabilities to the limit to use their imagination and creativity to design the best products and the most unique cities, while scoring them against the rest.” According to Molyneux, “big prizes” can be won with this, but that won’t be discussed further.

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Talking Projects

It remains to be seen if the legacy will become a thing. Peter Molyneux has led successful game franchises such as Fable and Black & White in the past. He is also a ‘creator’ god gamegenre’, with titles in his portfolio such as Dungeon Keeper and Populous. But in recent years, his projects have been less successful.

In 2012, he left Microsoft after working on the poorly received Fable project for the Microsoft Kinect. He started his own studio 22cans and brought in the same year Curiosity “social experiment”. In this mobile “game”, players had to tap on a giant cube until each cube disappeared. Whoever touched the last block was promised a “life-changing” reward.

The winner will become an “mighty god” in a new game goddess from Molyneux called Godus and receive a share of the game’s revenue. The game achieved a winner after half a year, but after a while the connection between 22 clips and the player faded. According to Molino This was because whoever had to stay in touch with the winner left the company and no one was hired as a replacement.

Godus came in 2014 and was not successful. The game is available for purchase on Steam to this day as early access-nickname. Also Godus Wars sequel From 2016 still in Early Access. So far, the studio has not released a single full game.

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