Pete Swart: "First coffee with me and then a marathon run"

Pete Swart: “First coffee with me and then a marathon run”

with Shergon

Saturday 06 November 2021

DAMASCUS – It’s very special when you run a marathon in your village and then stop by your mother first for a cup of coffee. Pete Swart will run the New York Marathon on Sunday, November 7 with his uncle Berber Swart. But you are not allowed to travel to America again until November 8. “Dan it oare jier mar wer,” says Swart optimistically.

However, he was thinking of running a marathon and then of his home village of Damwald. But a marathon with an emotional message about increasing social intolerance. The first “indulgent” marathon. This marathon will be held on Saturday 6 November.

Swart started playing football in his youth. First, of course, youth football. But korfball was also his sport. Encourage playing korfball from home. Mim Swart was a soccer player and gymnast. My mother stopped doing this a few years ago. But it’s still very flexible, says Swart. My mother was a true sports star. Nothing was too much for her. Now she is 96 years old. Sport is also in my genes. Of course Pete had to start the marathon from her home and then via Borkenslaan to Indykslaan. From Indykslaan to Rinsumageest. On this road turn back into Borkenslaan. Thus the letter T was played as the first letter. The road was completely rotated and invented by Pete. On the way on Trekweg near Damwâld, it was necessary to walk. But the middle part of the letter E was filled with cow dung. That’s why Swart took his snow shovel with him on Friday, November 5 to clean the track. Fortunately, after starting at a quarter to ten, I remained almost dry. In about a quarter of an hour Pete Swart finished at Dr. Botkepark. His girlfriend Ingrid and other interested parties were waiting for him. Runtime was three hours and 28 minutes. In just three and a half hours, says Swart. Pete was happy and hoped the message would reach many people.

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with Shergon

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