Peruvian President Threatens Constitutional Amendment to Force Early Elections | Abroad

Peruvian President Dina Boloart once again urged Parliament to bring forward the election date. On Sunday, she threatened that she was ready to change the constitution to call early elections if MPs did not agree on Monday.

The South American country has been facing massive protests since Pedro Castillo was ousted and arrested as president two months ago. So far, 48 people have been killed in the demonstrations, including a police officer. The demonstrators demanded Boulwart’s departure, new elections and the release of the former president. Among other things, they block roads, which leads to food and fuel shortages.

Parliament earlier gave the go-ahead to move the election from 2026 to 2024, but on Saturday voted against Boulwart’s proposal to move the ballot forward. It hopes to end the unrest by promising elections in the fall.

Castillo was very popular among the poor indigenous people of southern Peru, where he himself came from. He has been imprisoned since he tried to dissolve parliament and rule by decree to avoid impeachment proceedings. His deputy Bulwart was then appointed as his successor in line with Peruvian law.

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